Bermuda Insurance Management Association (BIMA)

BIMA is a non-profit organization which is led by Bermuda resident insurance managers.

BIMA was formed to:


• Protect the interests of members and clients.


• Liaise with Government and/or any association or body on matters affecting the insurance industry.


• Provide a unified approach to problems and opportunities that may be of concern to the Association’s Members.


• Participate in planning the Bermuda Captive Conference with the Bermuda Captive Conference Committee.


• Encourage professionalism of the members in carrying out their business.

Ready to become a BIMA Member?

Benefits for your Business

BIMA membership includes Full and Associate members from a wide variety of areas within the captive insurance industry.

We support our members every step of the way with:

Members' Interests

Members' Interests

Representing members' interest with the Bermuda Government and the Bermuda Monetary Authority.



Educational opportunities for members by offering technical courses and seminars led by industry experts.



We are on the Bermuda Business Development Agency board to ensure members' requirements are addressed in the marketing of Bermuda as a captive domicile.